Pharaoh's Swivel Hose

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This unique hookah hose features a long aluminum handle and a silicone body. The body of the hose is then wrapped with a smooth braided sleeve to prevent your hose from being a dust magnet. Add that to a wide draw, the Swivel hose is already a winner in the hookah game. It doesn't stop there. The main feature of this hose is a swivel arm at the end of the hose which swivels 360 degrees for a tangle-free hookah session.

  • Using a hose port connection that moves with you as you pass the hose around, the Swivel helps you greatly reduce the chances of tipping your hookah over.
  • Ports and handle are made of high grade oxidized aluminum
  • Hose is made of food grade silicone and is fully washable
  • Total length: 77"
  • Handle length: 14"