Predator Mini Hookah Bowl

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The predator bowl is a clay bowl made by hand in the United States. The Predator hookah bowl acts just like a funnel bowl except that it has a bridge right atop the opening to prevent the foil from cloggingh the hole. These bowls fit approximately 15 grams of shisha and work great with juicy brands such as Fantasia, Hookafina and Starbuzz. They are also great for less juicy brands such as Tangiers and Nakhla. These bowls are hand-made therefore imperfections are apparent however not crtitical to their function. These hookah bowls work really well at extending the life of your smoke and enhancing the flavor. They rival similar bowls such as the Tangiers Pico bowl and the Alien Funnel bowl.

*Due to the raised bridge design these bowls do not work with the Kaloud Lotus.