Quasar Raas 2 HMD

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The ultimate thermic head, introducing the QUASAR Raas

The concept of thermic head is born from the desire to rethink the top of the Hookah as a single element. The bowl and the heat management system merge to form an ingenious instrument, engineered design and outstanding performance. A stunning combination of tough Borosilicate glass, Aircraft grade Aluminium and heat resistant Silicone.

The new streamlined design and patented airflow technology make RAAS the ideal thermic head for home and business users.
RAAS is the culmination of QUASAR’s hookah know-how and the relentless pursuit of the perfect shisha taste experience.

No Foil Required, nor is a Heat Management Device. This all-in-one solution means all you need is Afzal shisha tobacco and charcoal, leaving you free to kick back and enjoy effortless and flavourful clouds!

3.5mm taller, the Quasar Raas 2 can now accommodate 27mm coals for those who enjoy a more intense heat. The exchanger makes way for a whole new system, under the bowl, that improves the air-flow and performance. The redesigned elements and the new anthracite grey paint provide greater durability. If you liked the Quasar Raas 1, you're going to love the Quasar Raas 2.