Starbuzz Serpent 100g

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With interesting names and some fun packaging, the Serpent line by Starbuzz is the new kettle cured shisha on the block, with unique flavors to their Serpent line only, you've gotta give some a try to figure out how it is...or wait till a weekend and hope to get it in a mystery bag.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

After Burner – After an exhausting day, this pleasant concoction of banana, coconut, and refreshing mint will certainly awaken your energy.

Bohemian – Try this fresh gum like Starbuzz Tobacco on a Bohemian base for an ultimate hookah experience.

Crimson Fox – It is a baffling name for such a mesmerizing blend of natural peach. While exhaling it gives out nice smooth notes of berry.

Cobra Khan – Unlike the creepy name, the tobacco flavors are pleasant. It got a powerful blueberry tang on the front with some amazing grape mints notes following.

Crow – This lemon mint flavor can instantly impress anyone.

Gee Spot – It takes time to understand this intricate semi-spicy – semi creamy blend of cinnamon and vanilla.

Kathmandu – Dare if you can figure out how many kinds of berries are there in Starbuzz Kathmandu Serpent flavor.

Kings Tea – This Starbuzz flavor is exciting and combines fantastically with the peach.

Lioness – This Starbuzz tobacco may not be as sweet as the strawberry shake drink, but you can’t overlook how creamy it is.

Mad Dog – It is a crazy mix of grapefruit interweaved with a powerful citrus mint flavor.

Megawatt – Charge up yourself with a powerful bowl of lemonade.

New Amsterdam – The Serpent tobacco flavor is much like orange cream candies, but the flavors are more intense.

Rouge – It is a fine honey dew flavor that you enhance by blending in a bit of Starbuzz Megawatt Serpent Shisha.

Shishi – Starbuzz Serpent Shishi is a little banana with some smooth blueberry along with a flowery hint. Try figuring it out.

Sin City – Wonder who got this banana out of Sin City, it is supposed to be in there.

Skull – Don’t mistake it with Double Apple but the thing that makes it similar is its dark and sweet licorice tastes.

Sting Mint – Beware this is a very strong mint that can sting your nostrils badly but smokes amazing.

Teabet – A morning tea makes up your day and this tea style tobacco will never let you sleep again.