Trifecta Shisha Blonde 250g

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Trifecta is an American made shisha brand most notable for their dark leaf blend,  They have brought their lineup to the blonde leaf shisha consumer for a ligher smoother smoke but still packed full of the flavor they are known for. If you are looking for something new and and array of flavors without the high packed nicotine punch of dark leaf shisha, Trifecta blonde shisha is a must.

Shisha Flavor Profiles

Apple 509 – Sweet green apple blend with a touch of anise

Bahama Mama – Orange Pineapple Coconut Blend

BDS – Peach and melon blend

Blue Strawberry – Candy like mix of blueberry and strawberry

Bonafide – Banana mixed with subtle spices

Cherry Berry – Sensational blend of candied cherry with hints of blueberry and raspberry

Cucumber Mojito – Fresh Cucumber with Sweet Lime and Icy Mint

Huckleberry – Sweet yet tart blueberry, very true to fresh blueberries

Iced Orange Mint – Zesty orange with a cold mint finish

Lemon Mint – Sweet and tart lemon profile with a cooling mint undertone

Mango Smoothie – Mango with creamy vanilla undertone

Mediterranean Mint – Traditional cold mint leaf with spearmint notes

Melon Melange – Blended sweet melon with watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew

Moro Zest – Zesty and tart blood orange

Mountain Fog – Lemon-Lime blend with sweet twist

Nawar – Rose, Lavender, and Jasmine

P3 – Skittles

Peach Mint – Natural sweet peach with a cooling mint on the exhale

Persian Melon – Melon Mix

Peppermint Shake – Creamy vanilla blended with candied peppermint

Pineapple Guava – A tropical roller coaster of flavor

Pumpkin Somethin – Delicious spiced pumpkin with a touch of creamy vanilla

Raspberry Lemon Roll – Combination of sweet raspberry and zesty lemon with hints of pastry

Ruby – Eclectic blended cherry, berries, and melon with a spicy yet cool cinnamon undertone

TNT – Mango Grapefruit Mint

Twice The Ice – Ice cold mint guaranteed to chill your session

Twice The Ice Extreme – It’s the North Pole in smoke form

Vanilla – Vanilla with Cream

Vertigo – Mouthwatering melon blend with a cooling mint finish