Urb Hookah Bowl

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With years of manufacturing experience in the hookah company, creating custom hand thrown bowls was always in our mind. After several years of testing, Urb Bowls was born. Specializing in hand thrown clay bowls, we began creating our start up models.

Months of testing the right clay mixtures and firing process, we finalized the perfect mixture of stoneware. All our bowls are made with 100% food grade materials, including the glazing.


Style 1 - Plynth

Style 2 - Helius

Style 3 - Pyra with Bridge

Style 4 - Pyra

Style 5 - Burj

Style 6 - Mini Helius

Style 7 - Whirl

Style 8 - Pilz

Style 9 - Chub XL

Style 10 - Chub Egyptian

Style 11 - Chub

Style 12 - Globe