UrthTree Natural Fruit Hookah Molasses

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The Urth Natural Fruit Molasses for hookah is an entirely new way to enjoy shisha flavors.  It is made from real fruit, natural extracts and is a great alternative to traditional shisha brands. It is completely free of tar, tobacco and nicotine.


  • 100% dried apples
  • Natural Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Fruit extracted molasses
  • FDA certified flavorings

Urht tobacco free Molasses is cut like conventional blonde leaf tobacco Molasses. This results in a unique and euphoric smoking experience

Flavor Profiles

Chil'em (Chili Lime)

Heaven's Berri (Blueberry)

Peachai (Peach Chai)

Spiky Pina (Pineapple)

Stachio De Crem (Pistachio)

Twisted Mint (Strong Mint)

Yummi Gummi (Gummi Bear)


Shisha Flavor Profiles

Applelicious - It's apple! Specifically, a blend of both red and green apples

Chil' Em - A bright explosion of lime with ice and surprise ingredient that taste nice. (we tried to rhyme)

Frutee - A fruit cocktail blend including strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, and more!

Grepfrut - The sweet and tart flavor of citrus grapefruit!

Grep Mnt - A recreation of the classic grape and mint flavor combo

Guava - The tropical flavor of the guava fruit is what you can expect here

Gum Mnt - Refreshing spearmint gum

Heaven's Berri - Fresh mix of multiple blueberry flavor profiles in combination with a sweet cool touch

Kiwi - It's kiwi! What more can we say?

Lmn Mnt - Slightly sour lemon that blends with a cooling mint

Mngo - A single note tropical mango flavor!

Orng Mnt - Sweet citrus orange couples with a refreshingly cool natural mint

Paan Raas - A powerful mix of mint and floral flavors recreates this traditional shisha blend

Peachai - A homerun blend right out the gate! Sweet peach flavor with a warm chai undertone

Peech - It's peach, just with two e's!

Spiky Pine - Whew! This pineapple is strong. A fresh sliced pineapple blend that rewards you with huge flavor on each rip

Stachio De Crm - A bold mix of both sweet cream and pistachio that creates a unique flavor profile with the natural apple base

Straberri - The summertime sweetness of strawberries is the main flavor focus here

Twisted Mnt - Two mints enter and one blend comes out. This ice cold blend unites menthol and natural mint for a cooling experience

Watermln - The single note sweetness of candied watermelons can be found in this flavor

Yummi Gummi - As the label shows, you're about to go to flavor town! Fruity, gummi, and yummi!