Vyro Penta Hookah

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The VYRO - Penta is a compact (approx. 39 cm) plugin hookah made of V2A stainless steel, real carbon fiber, resin, and wood. When purged, the hookah smoke bounces off the ashtray and is directed downwards. To enable you to quickly replace your bowl, the ashtray can be easily removed from the smoke column through the ground joint adapter.

-The blow off is located below the ashtray 

-The ashtray can be easily removed through the ground joint adapter

-Material mix of stainless steel V2A, carbon, wood, epoxy resin and glass

-One-port hookah with plug-in system

-Diffuser can be screwed on both sides

Weight: approx. 2.5 kg

Size: approx. 39 cm

Optimal water level: approx. 500ml

Includes: Base

Not Included: Hose, Handle, & Bowl

Country of Origin: Germany